2012 Fall Newsletter for Kinship House

Happy Holidays!

Kinship HouseThis year has been one of amazing growth and renewal at Kinship House. We are well on our way of serving over 400 children this year on their journey to stable, healthy homes through familial and outside family adoption and reunification with biological family. As our children transition so do we, ever changing and informing our practices to match the needs of the beautifully diverse and blended families we serve. Best regards, Heather

Your Gift Kinship House Heroed the Future of Two Siblings and More

With your financial gift, Kinship House has reached its internal capacity in 2012 helping to ensure stable healthy families for over 400 children. As part of our Kinship Family you have supported us to reach out with our mission in 2012 and provide healing beyond our doors at partner agencies. Together we are rising to the challenge of our current economy and the underserved needs of the foster children who are our mission. Our core belief is every child needs the support of a healthy stable home for a better future, a permanent family for foster children can be many things, it can be a return to biological parents, adoption with caring kin (other biological family), or adoption to a new family for a new start. At Kinship House we honor all families as their stability and care changes the life of foster children forever. Our new outreach partners include; Letty Owings Center, residential addictions treatment provider and Bradley Angle a domestic violence provider. Over 40% the children in the families served by these agencies are involved with the child welfare system and foster care.

I share the story of two young girls we supported in partnership with Letty Owings. This story starts with the eldest in foster care with biological kin, the youngest sometimes with mom sometimes not. Mom struggled with life wrenching addiction. The new chapter of their lives began when mom chose to enter treatment to change her life and heal her family. We joined their story onsite at Letty Owings, where our expert therapist helped this fragile family heal past wounds as they worked to journey to reunification. The oldest child had not lived with mom in 2 years, it was imperative to help her heal anger and abandonment that was part of her foster care story. The youngest child exhibited poor attachment from the trauma of living with Mom’s addiction; her healing focused on helping her and mom learn healthy attachment. Most poignantly, our therapist gently guided these two separated siblings to heal and connect for the first time in their young lives.

After work, time and determination, it was an amazing day when this little family successfully moved for the first time in years to their own home in transitional housing. Without this partnership and our support, these siblings could easily have been another sad statistic of children who linger in the system, who as adults have dismal statics of repeating the cycle of addiction, trauma and abandonment in their own futures. As complex as this story sounds it is the support that is needed to ensure children do not linger within necessary but difficult systems, waiting for a stable nurturing home and an opportunity for a brighter healthier future.

New Addition

Angela GunnWe are excited to announce this year we received a three year MJ MURDOCK Foundation Grant to support the addition of clinical staff; we are pleased to add Ms. Angela Gunn MSW to our wonderful team. Angela has both a background in Child Welfare work and Clinical experience. She is an excellent speaker and is already providing training at our local partner agencies and the annual Shoulder to Shoulder conference in Portland, Oregon.

Events, Volunteers, Gifts and Fun, it All Just Got Easier!

Kinship House is all about relationships, this year we have been growing the fun and community of our Kinship Family. The value of your time, talent and treasure is immeasurable, you are an invaluable champion for our kids, we honor you! Our work involves flipping the coin from trauma to creating success and joy; so let’s have some, while we are doing it!

Pajama-Party-2012Sleep Country Pajama Bowl; was incredible, having fun and raising money to champion Foster Children. Call us to create a team in 2013: 503-460-2796

Our Kin Mini Golf: In July we had our first annual mini golf event with many local companies sponsoring, friends, families and partners golfing and a visit from Timber Joey at the beautiful Eagle Landing Course. An incredible beginning to a new annual tradition. If you love a beautiful day outside at an incredible location this is the event for you and your family. July of 2013.


We have a wonderful partnership with Hands on Greater Portland. We post our monthly volunteer work group on this site. It is easy to participate, go to their site and search Kinship House and join us for the fun. Also please feel free to call us with your inspirations for participation. 503-460-2796. Also, a huge thank you our volunteer employee groups, local Army and Sleep Country offices have become part of our regularly family, helping us throughout the year.


Donating has never been easier or more impactful; become a sustaining donor be a champion for a child every month of the year; on line at www.kinshiphouse.org or use your enclosed envelope.

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