Be a Kinship House Hero: Host an event!

Every year, thousands of Portland-area children transition through foster care and adoption services. The process of fitting into a new home is emotionally straining on kids, who have a limited support network, and have endured physical or mental abuse, neglect, or trauma. Without the support and outlet that therapy provides, many of these children find it difficult to move out of social services and establish healthy relationships.  Medical billing only covers a portion of the care we provide foster and adopted children.  To fill that ‘funding gap’, we look to fundraising activities.

If you want to be a Kinship House Hero, host a third party event!

A third party event is an event or promotion that will benefit Kinship House. It is sponsored and coordinated by a person or organization who is a supporter of our efforts of helping foster children find their forever home as we provide them with life changing, outpatient mental health care.

Ideas include:

  • Hosting a dinner party at participating restaurants so Kinship House can receive a percentage of proceeds.
  • Asking your favorite place to eat or enjoy libations to host a Kinship House Night so our agency will receive proceeds and raise awareness about our expert care.
  • Hosting a drive for designated items that Kinship House would like to use in our therapy sessions or items we can share with the kiddos we serve.
  • Coordinate a garage sale with your neighbors and friends and donate proceeds to Kinship House.
  • Set up a Facebook birthday fundraising campaign and share out with all of your friends to donate to Kinship House in honor of your big day.
  • Ask your company to include a blurb about Kinship House and how to get involved in the organization’s e-newsletter.
  • Check in with your employer to see if they host a company engagement program for staff to volunteer at non-profits and if they offer a grant and/or sponsorship program. Also check in with your human resources contact to see if your company will match any donations you make!
  • Are you a traveler?  Ask your agent or other provider to donate a trip, frequent flyer miles and/or accommodations for our annual auction.
  • Ask your favorite store, gym, restaurant, or coffee shop if they will put a donation jar at the register for Kinship House for 30 days.
  • Ask your favorite yoga, dance studio, salon or local movie theater to host a ‘pay what you can’ session with proceeds to benefit Kinship House.
  • Your own idea – let us know!

This kind of community support raises awareness of what we do in the community and brings in new supporters non only in the broader community, but through your own circles of neighbors, friends and on social media.

In order to ensure that all rules and the likes are being followed, the following things need to be done:

1.      Contact Kinship House to review your idea with staff as all events must be approved prior to holding the event:  503.460.2796, ext. 205 or email

2.      Once we have a green light, we can help share out your plan on our social media and give you our logo to use. We may also be able to have a staff member attend the event.

Kinship House was started in 1996 as an outpatient mental healthcare provider for foster and adopted children in the Portland area.  We champion the successful permanency of each child we care for as we strive to understand their unique stories and needs as they journey to a forever home. Stay in the know by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter!

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