Community Partner: Portland Playhouse

** Important Update:  We were originally scheduled to be at the January 18 performance but we are rescheduling our visit – stay tuned! **

Kinship House is thrilled to partner with Portland Playhouse, a local theater that is dedicated to producing quality, intimate, performances in which the interaction between artists and audience is paramount. They hold theater to be a space in which all people can come together to celebrate the complexity of our shared human experience.

Kinship House will be present at the performance of NO CANDY.  The production spotlights a multi-generational community of Bosnian Muslim women who survived the Srebrenica genocide and, years later, open a gift shop for tourists who visit the Srebrenica memorial. While No Candy is very much about how trauma inhabits the body and shapes a community, it is also about the persistence of humor, art, and absurdity in an unimaginable time.

The play will run between January 16 through February 10. Learn more here.

If you wish to partner with Kinship House, please call 503-460-2796, ext. 205 to learn more about how we can do more, together!


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