Community Partner: Rose City Mortgage

When Percy Wise and his partner moved to Portland from the Bay Area in the early 2000’s they didn’t come alone. They also brought their 5-year nephew, for whom they were recently serving as kinship guardians. Moving to Portland allowed the couple to help their nephew access a better quality of life and more affordable housing. As often occurs after the honeymoon phase of care, it soon became clear that their nephew needed more support, including outpatient mental health services.

Not knowing where to turn, the couple was relieved when they found out about the mental health services offered by Kinship House. Founded in 1996, Kinship House specializes in championing children and families with target interventions during all stages of foster care, reunification, and adoption. The services from Kinship House were invaluable in helping the family’s nephew understand what had happened in his birth family, adjust to his new family, and make crucial transitions both at home and at school.

Their nephew is now grown and Percy recently went to work for Rose City Mortgage where he helps people buy homes as a residential home loan officer. Rose City Mortgage was founded by Renee Spears with the belief that to truly be a member of a community the company must give back. As a result, in addition to volunteering, the company donates $100 to a non-profit organization each time a loan closes – and has given over $400,000 in donations to date. This means that when you take out a home loan with Rose City Mortgage you can specify that your donation go directly to Kinship House.

And, BTW, did you know that foster care payments count as qualifying income for a purposes of obtaining a mortgage to purchase a home or condo?

To get in touch with Rose City Mortgage go to or call (503) 768-4248.

Percy Wise NMLS 1617693. Rose City Mortgage is a Division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. PRMI NMLS 3094. Branch NMLS 1647580

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