Honoring Wayne T. Naillon – Friend of the Children

Last fall, Kinship House was the recipient of a $3,000.00 donation from the Windermere Foundation on behalf of Lenore LaTour of Windermere Stellar located in Portland.

The donation came from a part of Ms. LaTour’s commission from the home sale of Mr. Wayne T. Naillon.  Mr. Naillon passed away in May 2016.  He worked for Multnomah County Mental Health and Addiction Services and he fostered 68 children in his home during his 40 years of living in the Irvington neighborhood.

Lenore LaTour, a broker with Windermere Stellar and long-time neighbor and friend, generously donated to Kinship House to honor Mr. Naillon’s years of care of foster children.

This past weekend, friends and family of Mr. Naillon joined us at Kinship House to celebrate his loving work with foster children.  We thank all of Mr. Naillon’s beloved friends and families for visiting Kinship House and sharing a bit of his story with us.



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