Job Posting: Executive Director

Title: Executive Director                              Department:   Administration

Exempt/Non-Exempt: Exempt
Reports to Executive Committee, Board of Directors

Kinship House is a local nonprofit serving foster, adoptive and reunifying children and families. There is a total of twenty-five staff operating within a two million dollar budget serving 500 children annually. Our mission is to provide outpatient child and family therapy focused on preparing foster and adoptive children for permanency and supporting stable foster placements thereby impacting the cycle of family trauma and state intervention.

The Executive Director must excel as an experienced, self-starting leader of high integrity with a strong passion for the mission and those it serves. The Executive Director must be a leader who has demonstrated persistence and the ability to be creative, curious, an effective problem solver, a stellar listener, communicator, collaborator, and an approachable team player. The successful Director will have an excellent financial acumen, be a decisive strategist with diverse interests, an affable and patient personality that is excellent at building working relationships and who personifies the image and culture of Kinship House.  The Executive Director is not a voting member of the Board of Directors.

General Position Summary:

The Kinship House Executive Director serves as the face of the organization and as its administrator/leader performing multiple tasks and strategic and operational oversite to a range of functions. As the organization’s face, he or she is expected to have the ability to fulfill, or have the expertise to understand when to seek outside support for duties including: oversight of budgets, financial and facilities operations, building and maintaining community, collaborating, Board and funder relationships and facilitating the organization’s vision and strategic goals. As the key administrator/leader, the Executive Director must possess clinical understanding of high risk populations, the ability to develop and foster effective teams, the ability to strategize and plan ahead, the ability to handle complex negotiations, the ability to adapt and handle change successfully and the capability to be a persuasive fundraiser and public speaker, ensuring a positive reputation for the organization.

Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities:

  1. Program Planning, Program Development, and Program Evaluation

It is the Executive Director’s responsibility to plan and develop programs as approved by the Board of Directors.  The main planning, development, and evaluation functions include:

  1. Lead the development and implementation of the organization’s strategic plan and its goals and objectives.
  2. Maintain timely and open communications with the Board of Directors including monthly and quarterly updates on progress against goals.
  3. Perform the development and submission of
  4. Monitor contracts to ensure deliverables and outcomes are achieved.
  5. Develop and maintain connections with and among non-profit peers and government partners to work collectively toward common goals, promote common interests, and resolve issues and problems.
  6. Develop and maintain relations with agencies and organizations to exchange information, collaborate toward common goals, coordinate activities and services, and resolve issues or concerns.
  7. Represent Kinship House as directed by the Board of Directors.
  8. Ensure appropriate documentation and communication of critical organizational policies and procedures related to key programs.

    2. Fiscal Management

The Executive Director shall assist, advise, and act for the Board of Directors in the following:

  1. Develop an annual budget for review and approval by the Board.
  2. Ensure that expenditures are within the budgeted amounts.
  3. Ensure fiscal policies are updated and implemented in a timely manner
  4. Authorize purchase orders, vouchers, and payments within parameters set by the Board of Directors and stated within organizational policies and procedures.
  5. Prepare budget revisions as needed through the year and submit for approval by the Board.
  6. Maintain an inventory of the organization’s property and protect all such property.
  7. Administer contracts and other agreements as approved by the Board.

    3. Fundraising

    1. Oversee fundraising operations and support development staff as needed.
    2.Make presentations to grantors, sponsors, stakeholders, organizations, and agencies, to promote and sustain support for Kinship House goals and objectives.

    4. Organizational Culture

The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the following organizational and cultural standards are met:

  1. Establish and maintain a welcoming and supportive environment that promotes mutual respect, a high level of trust, enhances staff and volunteer productivity, and supports collaboration, teamwork, and accountability.
  2. Communicate organizational mission, vision and values to staff.
  3. Provide staff supervision, support, and guidance, individually or in groups, in a strength-based manner that respects the dignity of each person.
  4. Ensure timely communication to staff.
  5. Articulate work expectations and outcomes clearly to staff, including but not limited to priorities, plans, procedures, schedules and final services and/or products.

    5. Human Resources

The Executive Director is authorized to transact all human resources actions and to report such actions to the Board.  The Executive Director is responsible for:

  1. Recruitment, hiring, staffing, onboarding, and supervision of staff.
  2. Guidance and counseling of staff as needed
  3. Professional development opportunities for staff
  4. Consistent evaluation of work performance to ensure that satisfactory and above performance is recognized and that any needed counseling and/or guidance is provided in an appropriate and timely manner.
  5. Promotion, demotion, disciplinary action, and exit interviews as directed by the Board of Directors in compliance with applicable policies, regulations, and laws. All key personnel actions shall be reported to the Board.
  6. Recommendations regarding job descriptions and personnel actions submitted as needed for Board consideration.
  7. Compliance with all local, state, and federal employment and equal opportunity laws and regulations.
  8. Ensure that staff has an understanding of the diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic communities that Kinship House serves and partners with.

 6. Reports

The Executive Director is responsible for all reports required by funding sources or the Board of Directors.  Such reports include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Monthly Executive Director’s Report for the Board
  2. Monthly dashboard reports of activities
  3. Retain minutes of all Board meetings

Secondary Functions:

  1. Confidential Records and Files

The responsibility for keeping accurate and complete records as prescribed by law [e.g. for taxes], funding agencies, and bylaws rests with the Executive Director.  All records, reports, and other materials relating to personnel shall be kept in confidential files under the direction of the Executive Director.

The following shall be kept and made available to authorized individuals or agencies:

  1. Records associated with tax reporting requirements.
  2. Specific records as may be required by funding agencies.
  3. Personnel files, including employee files, timesheets, performance evaluations, salary schedules, and job classifications.
  4. Petty cash records, telephone and travel logs, and other information related to reimbursed expenses.
  5. Continual documentation of progress, expansion, revisions, alterations, deletions, and outcomes of projects and activities as required by funding agencies.
  6. Continual documentation of organizational progress, activities, achievements, board membership, and other records as may contribute to the historical record of the organization.   
  1. Other Duties as Assigned

The Executive Director shall perform other duties as prescribed by the Kinship House Board of Directors.

Job Scope:

The job involves recurring work situations of a moderate to high degree of complexity with occasional variations from the norm.  Work requires significant creativity and innovation when interacting with internal and external staff, organizations, partners, Board Members, and volunteers.   Decisions are guided by organizational guidelines, state, federal and local laws.  Maintains highly confidential and sensitive information; responsible for ensuring the safeguarding of such information/files.  The incumbent is accountable for budget preparation and has high control over capital assets/programs.  The incumbent is accountable for long-range operational and strategic planning as well as supporting the organizational goals.  Errors in performing job duties can have a significantly negative impact on direct reports, the organization’s reputation, and those that Kinship House directly serves.

Supervisory Responsibility:

  • Reports to Executive Committee, Board of Directors
  • Directly supervises Clinical Director, Medical Director, Billing and Administrative Staff and is responsible for the monitoring of all staff

Specific Job Skills:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge, experiences, and abilities to work with the children and families served by Kinship House.
  2. Demonstrated ability to establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships with public and private institutions, organizations, and agencies in the broader community and government.
  3. Experience working collaboratively and effectively with a board of directors.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge and experience in applying Oregon Administrative Rules and Federal regulations for Medicaid populations.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge and experience with HIPPA and private insurance contracts.
  6. Evidence of excellent written and oral communication skills, one-to-one and with groups; strong presentation skills that reach across styles and differences.
  7. Evidence of successful program development and implementation experience utilizing teamwork and collaboration.
  8. Evidence of highly effective staff supervision and the ability to lead, coach and sustain a high-performing team.
  9. Evidence of successful use of program management and time management skills.
  10. Evidence of sound fiscal management skills and business acumen.
  11. Demonstrated ability to use effective problem solving and decision-making skills.
  12. Evidence of strong analytical skills.
  13. Evidence of effective computer skills.
  14. Demonstrated ability to raise the visibility of the organization through successful marketing and fundraising including expansion of the membership base.
  15. Demonstrated success at fund development, including knowledge of and success in attracting foundation and corporate grants; ability to identify, steward and solicit individual donors.
  16. Demonstrated commitment to the mission, vision, and values of Kinship House.

Education and/or Experience:

  • Minimum Master’s degree in non-profit management, business administration, social work, public health, mental health or equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience leading non-profit organizations, including experience reporting to a Board of Directors.
  • At least 5 years of successful work experience managing and supervising employees.
  • Experience with HIPPA and private insurance contracting preferred.

Job Conditions:

Work is normally performed during the day in an office setting.  Work involves some travel via automobile, frequent interruptions, extensive computer work, and extended hours occasionally. Some lifting and other light physical activities.

Application Guidelines/Contact:
Send the following to Bekka Zander at

– Cover Letter
– Resume

Kinship House is located in two home-like facilities in inner NE Portland near Lloyd Center, NE Broadway, Interstates and Irvington Community. For more information on Kinship House please visit



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