Kinship House Hero: Aaron Taylor

Last year, Kinship House received a generous gift of $10,000 to use for our general operations.  It was a surprise donation from Aaron Taylor from Washington State who sent us the gift to support foster and adopted children with learning and healing.

Recently, I reached out to Aaron to find out more about who he is and why he made such a substantial gift to support our work in providing expert outpatient mental health care for foster and adopted children. He learned about us as a volunteer at our annual auction. I wanted to learn more about what inspired him and asked him to share some insights with us.

Meet…Aaron Taylor!

Can you share a little about who you are and your interests?

I am passionate about skateboarding, being in nature, parkour, indoor skydiving, learning new things, and connecting with people around the world through live stream video gaming. I am also a philanthropist because paying it forward is a priority in my life.

Why is the work that Kinship House is doing so important?

Kinship house does an incredible job at helping this and the next generation work through unimaginable trauma. My understanding is that Oregon has too many kids in the foster care system and Kinship House cares for about 500 of those kids each year who are dealing with a system that is struggling.

Why should others support Kinship House?

While I was volunteering at the auction I really learned about how many kids Kinship House impacts in such a positive way. This inspired me to want to help even more. Kinship House has a super high success rate. Everyone there is extremely invested in these kids lives, and you would be helping these children be able to create a better future.  I encourage everyone in the community to join me in supporting foster and adopted children in learning and growth to unlock their full potential.

We thank Aaron for his generosity and if you are interested in making either a cash or donated gift of stock, please call 503-460-2796, ext. 205 or send an email to  Please also consider adding Kinship House to your will and we are happy to share information about our planned giving opportunities.

— Dennise M. Kowalczyk
Development & Communications Director

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