Kinship House welcomes…Carrie Reed!

Kinship House is pleased to announce that Carrie Reed of Cross Country Mortgage has joined our board of directors.

Carrie Reed is a Child and Parent Educator; Child Advocate; Certified Teach Through Love Instructor; Foster Care Mother; Certified Daycare Provider; a mother to two incredible daughters—Kaylee and Ava; and a Grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters—Penny and Wendy.

“My involvement with children, families and the well-being of people has been on my heart from early in my life. I never grow weary from the thought of helping others feel valued and whole. I enjoy the complex study of human relations and how to best create, repair and have authentic deep connections.“

Carrie is also a Sr. loan officer at Cross County Mortgage. She has been in banking since 1993. She helps clients with mortgage strategies for equity division and  with purchasing or refinancing real estate. Carrie feels she has the best of both worlds! She loves helping people make sound decisions around their mortgage needs for their short- and long-term financial goals and she is  dedicated to supporting  families and the community.

Kinship House was founded in 1996 and provides outpatient mental health services to children and their families. We specialize in championing children and families with target interventions during all stages of foster care, reunification, and adoption.  In over twenty years of providing mental health services, we have served thousands of local children on their journey to the care only a permanent and healthy family can provide. With almost 3,000 children in foster care annually in Multnomah County alone, our services ensure that children and family have the support they need to navigate

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