Our Services: Assessments

At Kinship House, we address the missing piece in services provided to most children touched by foster care and adoption. In addition to significant mental health concerns, these children have been traumatized by a necessary but difficult system. They need to explore the circumstances of their past to prepare for a successful future.

Kinship House provides unique specialized assessments for parent-child interaction, sibling assessment, and to assess individual needs:

Child Welfare Assessments
Kinship House provides specialized assessments to support children involved in the child welfare system.

Sibling Assessments
Determine if it is in the best interest of siblings to be placed together in a permanent home, taking into account their developmental and emotional needs, their attachment patterns, and sibling group dynamics.

Parent-Child Interaction Assessments
Assess a child’s attachment to a caregiver, the appropriateness of the parenting style and whether it meets the developmental and emotional needs of a child, and make recommendations regarding the child’s permanency needs.

Permanency and Needs Assessments
Assess a child’s developmental and emotional functioning in relation to their permanency needs and provide recommendations for successful placement in a variety of settings, including with biological, foster, or adoptive parents.

Parental Assessments
Assess a caregiver’s parenting skills, their capacity to parent adequately on a long term basis, and their motivation to care for a child, and provide recommendations for supportive services as needed.

Please call 503-460-2796 to speak to our Intake Coordinator to learn more about these services.

Kinship House was started in 1996 as an outpatient mental healthcare provider for foster and adopted children in the Portland area.  We champion the successful permanency of each child we care for as we strive to understand their unique stories and needs as they journey to a forever home. Stay in the know by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter!

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