Become a Kinship House Volunteer!

Volunteering: The Work of Kinship House Heroes

Our volunteers support our work in a range of ways including general office support, facilities clean-up and beautification, Board of Directors membership, serving as Helping Hands during events or holding fundraisers or collecting donations of items such as art supplies on our behalf. We work with over 200 volunteers each year and partner with Hands on Greater Portland for many of our opportunities.

Here are some ways you can support Kinship House with your time and energy:

  • General office support
  • Facilities clean-up and beautification
  • Board of Directors membership
  • Helping Hands during Events
  • Donate your old cell phone
  • Throw an Art Supply Party!

Interested? Contact us to volunteer. Any and all involvement is appreciated. You can make a huge difference in the lives of Kinship Kids!

General Office Support

We are always looking for help inside the Kinship House office. It takes many helping hands to deliver the level of service we provide.

Some ways you can help in our communications and fundraising department:

  • Do you like googling and looking for clues for connection? How about researching corporate donor prospects and/or potential donors?
  • Do you like writing? How about writing content for our blog and e-newsletter or helping draft our case statement?
  • Do you like asking people to donate items for events? How about helping with auction procurement?
  • Do you like crunching numbers and figuring out trends? How about managing social media insights/google analytics research?

Social Media Coordinator
Manage approved posts on Facebook using posting protocol provided by development director.  Monitoring page likes for outreach opportunities.  Preparing reports on Insights data.

Time commitment:  One to four hours per month
Location: Assignment can be done remotely

Prospect Research
Researching corporate and donors using the internet and social media.

Time commitment: One to four hours per month
Location: Assignment can be done remotely

Procurement Specialist
Identify and/or contact potential auction procurement donors for silent auction.

Time commitment: One to two hours per month
Location:  Assignment can be done remotely

Data Entry
Populate fundraising database with donor and partner records.  Creating queries and printing reports.  Assist with mailings.

Time commitment: One to four hours per month
Location:  On-site at Kinship House

If you are interested in any of the above projects, please send us an email and we will get right back to you!

Some ways you can help in the front office are:

  • Filing
  • Organizing
  • Answering Phones

We also have other projects, depending on your skill and interest. Please contact us to help in this way.

Facilities Clean-up and Beautification – Inside and Outside

We strive to provide a beautiful, peaceful facility for Kinship Kids to play and heal. This takes time, energy and muscle. You can help in any of the following ways:

  • Participate in our monthly Playroom Clean-up: You can contact us for the existing schedule or you can gather your own people and arrange a group clean-up with us!
  • Bi-Annual Yard Clean-up: Every year there is general yard maintenance to perform, which we could not thoroughly complete without our volunteers. Plant, spread bark dust, pull weeds, sand, and re-varnish the play structure. You name it, we can use it!
  • Facilities Clean-up: The Kinship House and the Little House require general upkeep such as touch-up paint, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Specialty skills: If you are skilled in plumbing, electrical, woodwork, etc. and want to support Kinship House, we’d love for you to contact us and become our go-to professional when things come up.


Board of Directors Membership

If you are looking to give back in a committed way, the Kinship House Board of Directors may be just the place for you. Working with other committed members to continually improve the mission and sustainability of Kinship House. This is a three-year commitment and you can be sure your involvement will be felt throughout the entire organization. Please contact us for further details.

Helping Hands During Events

The Kinship Events are some of the most important fundraising drives we do, in order to provide the services our Kinship Kids need. Each year, we participate in two or more events that require many helping hands! Some ways you can help at events are:

  • Setup and take-down
  • Prep-work
  • Greeters and Direction Providers
  • Fun Creators
  • Spread the word!

Please see our events page for upcoming events and contact us if you’d like to participate. We greatly appreciate your involvement at events!

Donate Your Old Cell Phone

Mail or stop by and drop off your old phones (we’d love to see you)! Kinship House recycles them and gives you a tax deductible receipt! Call 503-460-2796 for more information or mail your phone and information to:

Kinship House 1823 NE Ave. Portland OR 97212. We will send you a receipt.

Throw an Art Supply Party

Many of our champions have thrown both Adult and Child parties to gather up art supplies for our kids to use at Kinship House. Last year we served almost 350 kids, which is a lot of art!! Birthday parties, barbecues, school community service projects, you name it! What a fun way to do something worthwhile and tax deductible. Call us to talk about it: 503-460-2796 or bring supplies to our office!

Call and Talk About Your Creative Ideas

We are always open to our Kinship House Heroes creative ideas about supporting our mission to provide outpatient mental health services to children and their families. You are the heart of Kinship House! Call 503-460-2796 or contact us today to volunteer and make a difference in the lives of Kinship Kids.