Partner Spotlight: FedX Ground

Kinship House thrives on the engagement of community in our care of foster and adopted youth.  Individuals and businesses are core to our overall efforts in providing resources of support to our expert staff of mental healthcare providers and administrative staff.

In 2017, FedX Ground came in to do a group clean up of our facilities.  The following year, Ratha and her colleagues returned and volunteered at our annual Our Kin Mini Golf event, signed up for another group volunteering shift.  The company also served as a sponsor of our putt-putt golf event, as well as, our annual auction.

We are so thankful for both the individual and collective contribution made by FedX Ground – thank you!

If your company is interested in establishing a partnership with Kinship House, please call Dennise at 503-460-2796, ext. 205 or send an email to

Kinship House was started in 1996 as an outpatient mental healthcare provider for foster and adopted children in the Portland area.  We champion the successful permanency of each child we care for as we strive to understand their unique stories and needs as they journey to a forever home. Stay in the know by subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter!

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