Kinship House provides outpatient mental health therapy for children in the foster care system or on the journey of adoption and their families. Sessions often include time with a child’s parent and/or caregiver as well as one on one time with the child. Learn more here.

Child Welfare Assessments

Kinship House provides unique specialized assessments for parent-child interaction, sibling assessment and to assess individual needs. Learn more here.


We champion our mission and our community through offering ongoing professional and community education on the needs of the families and children we work with. Our trainings provide the opportunity for increased understanding of the special needs of the children we work with particularly those in foster care. Learn more and how to schedule.

Intake Process

Kinship House works with children and families to provide outpatient mental health services. Learn more about how to join our programs here.

The Stories

If all you have ever known is abandonment, how do you know anything else? What is it like to be a teenager with nowhere to turn? What happens when you only know how to use anger to express your feelings? To share in the success, read our Kinship kids stories here.


Our clinicians have a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing kids and families involved with foster care and adoption. Accordingly, Kinship House strongly advocates for the best interest of children. We work closely with the many partners involved with children as they journey to permanency, including the Oregon Alliance of Children’s Programs.


Donate today and help a child heal from the trauma of their past. Give them life-changing access to the Kinship House Programs by becoming a sustaining donor.