Child Welfare Assessments

Kinship House provides specialized assessments to support children involved in the child welfare system.

Sibling Assessments

Determine if it is in the best interest of siblings to be placed together in a permanent home, taking into account their developmental and emotional needs, their attachment patterns, and sibling group dynamics.

Parent-Child Interaction Assessments

Assess a child’s attachment to a caregiver, the appropriateness of the parenting style and whether it meets the developmental and emotional needs of a child, and make recommendations regarding the child’s permanency needs.

Permanency and Needs Assessments

Assess a child’s developmental and emotional functioning in relation to their permanency needs and provide recommendations for successful placement in a variety of settings, including with biological, foster, or adoptive parents.

Parental Assessments

Assess a caregiver’s parenting skills, their capacity to parent adequately on a long term basis, and their motivation to care for a child, and provide recommendations for supportive services as needed.

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