Thank you, Foster Parents!

In recognition of Foster Care Awareness month, Timothy Travis (a Kinship House board member) shares these thoughts about Kinship House’s work in supporting foster families and our unending appreciation for their dedication in caring for foster kids.

Kinship House was founded in the mid-nineties to provide therapy and services to children in foster care and their caretakers.  It has since grown into a full-service mental health agency for children and their biological and adoptive parents, as well as those in foster care. 

Being a foster parent is a challenge, especially for those who take in the many whose abilities to function has been compromised by child abuse and neglect, by trauma, developmental delay or mental illness.  A large heart, even a heart that is in the right place, requires support and encouragement to succeed with such children and Kinship House contributes to the success of hundreds of these children, and those who care for them, every year. 
At Kinship House the emphasis is on engaging with the family as a whole rather than on “fixing broken children.”  The therapy of choice engages everyone involved in family, sibling and individual therapy, strengthening their relationships and connections while developing the capacity of all to function together as a family, at this particular time in their lives, as well as going forward.  

In addition, Kinship House provides such services as medication management, transition planning, along with pre and post-adoption consultation and education.

These are children who are under the care and protection of all Oregonians.   We delegate our duties for these kids to elected officials, social workers, and to foster parents. 

We at Kinship House want, especially in these in harsh financial times, to recognize those who volunteer — volunteer — to foster these children.  Like everyone else involved in the child welfare system, foster parents deserve recognition and gratitude for the difficult and important work they do with and for these children who are among the least, the weakest, most vulnerable, among us.

Thank you.

— Timothy Travis
Consulting Attorney – Travis Consulting Co., and Board Member

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