The Family Room

The mission of The Family Room is to provide a homelike visitation setting for children living in foster care and their birth parents.

The program increases both the quantity and quality of supervised time families spend together with the goal of reuniting children with their birth parents safely, expediently, and sustainably.

Today, Heather Jefferis (our executive director) met with the founder, Kimberlee Olmsted to explore ways our two organizations can partner together since both Kinship House and The Family Room are focused on supporting kids in living in healthy homes.

The Family Room operates in two locations and will be opening a third in the Clackamas area later this year.  The program provides a home-like environment so parents can learn about healthy ways to be a family with modeling, guidance, education, and encouragement.   Families prepare and eat meals together learning how to navigate relationships and successful parenting techniques. Volunteers are screened and trained to be with the groups of families who gather to play games, make crafts, and enjoy meals together.

Learn more by visiting their website by clicking here.

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