The Herd: Mammoth HR

Last week, Kinship House was honored to receive a generous donation of art supplies from Mammoth HR, a Portland-based human resources company that helps organizations comply with their regulatory responsibilities and implement best practices.

Our budding friendship started a couple of months ago when one of the employees, Theo Ward, visited Kinship House for a tour.  He shared his experience with his co-workers, some of which sit on a newly formed committee to come up with community engagement opportunities.  We were thrilled that they selected us for their Art Drive Happy Hour!

The staff and the company donated over 160 items ranging from glitter to coloring books to googly eyes (who doesn’t love googly eyes?).  The gathering also included treats like otter pops, popcorn, and gummy bears. All in all, it was a delightful time.

Executive Director, Heather Jefferis, Development & Communications Director, Dennise M. Kowalczyk, and board members Cassie Diamond and Jamie Kilberg attended the gathering.

Mammoth HR offers a unique approach to human resources — each plan is tailored to the organization and includes a dedicated HR Pro who will aid in tackling HR matters. And instead of charging by the billable hour, Mammoth delivers its services under a flat, monthly membership fee.  Learn more here.

Thanks to The Herd at Mammoth HR for sharing the love for Kinship House and foster kids in our community! To see all the photos in our gallery, click here.

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