Volunteer Spotlight: Elizabeth Maxon

Kinship House is blessed with the incredible volunteer support of community ranging from monthly clean-up of our facility to helping out at our events to providing much-need administrative support.

Elizabeth Maxon is one of the amazing community members who supports our front desk staff during her time as a volunteer at Kinship House:

  • How did you hear about Kinship House?

    I first heard about Kinship House on Facebook — I don’t exactly recall the path I took to get there, but I’ve always been interested in foster care, and gave the page a “like” right away. Within the next couple of days, a childhood friend of mine sent me a message and asked how I knew about Kinship — it turns out she had been working there for years without me even knowing! A couple of months later, I was walking around my neighborhood and realized that the agency is literally across the street from my house. All this time! Ever since beginning as a volunteer, it has just felt meant to be.

  • What motivated you to start volunteering with us?

    I have been working with children since I myself was a young child. During my undergrad at Reed College, I continued with childcare and volunteering while studying psychology, with a strong focus on early childhood development. I then spent several years teaching preschool, all the while developing my educational philosophy and personal goals for my work and life with children. I am deeply interested in one day becoming a foster and/or adoptive parent, and I continue to contemplate a career as a therapist with children someday.

  • What kind of volunteer assignments have you worked on at Kinship House?

    I enjoy helping out with all sorts of things at Kinship! I have helped with basic tasks like cleaning, filing, and packing snack bags, as well as more development-oriented work, like creating content for the blog and helping with various other projects as they come up. I am happy in any role, as long as I know I’m making a difference for the wonderful people of Kinship. I admire their work deeply!

  • What is a favorite childhood memory?

    It’s hard to pick! The first one that popped into my head is when I was driving with my whole family (parents and two siblings), when my parents pulled over and said they needed to run in to a restaurant to use the bathroom. They said, “why don’t you all just get out, we don’t want to leave you in the car!” We piled out of the car and instead of heading toward the restaurant, they led us in the direction of the movie theater right next door. We got to see Mulan on opening day, and that felt like the coolest surprise in the world!

  • What is your favorite thing to do in Oregon?

    The beach! I could walk along the beach forever. It truly feels cleansing. I am determined to learn how to surf someday. Anything to get me even closer to the ocean.

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