Volunteer Spotlight – Jenna Scott

Kinship House is blessed with the incredible volunteer support of community ranging from monthly clean-up of our facility to helping out at our events to providing much-need administrative support.

Jenna recently joined our volunteer team and is helping in our front office!

  • How did you hear about Kinship House?
    I heard about Kinship House through a Hands On Greater Portland volunteer opportunity that was posted. I had been looking for a volunteer opportunity that would be a good fit for me for a while. When I read about the mission and services, I definitely wanted to learn more.
  • What motivated you to start volunteering with us?
    After college I volunteered for a year through the JesuitVolunteer I wanted to make volunteering a part of my “normal” life because giving my time and talents to the world is important to me. When I met with Bekka to learn more about Kinship House, I thought I’d give it a try. Every week so far has been different!
  • What kind of volunteer assignments have you worked on at Kinship House?
    My husband works for a non-profit and so I hear about fundraising almost every day. The projects that have been the most meaningful for me have been the mailings. I know it takes a lot of staff time to do, so if a volunteer can come in and help with that it’s a big relief for the staff.
  • What is a favorite childhood memory?
    I did gymnastics in middle school. Every day, my mom would rush to pick me up at school and drive me across town to practice.My mom also worked full-time and had three of us to lug Knowing I hated sandwiches, the easy, on-the-go meal, one day when she picked me up she brought me a plate of homemade tacos and rice. Kinda simple, but it was the best!
  • What is your favorite thing to do in Oregon?
    In the summer, I really like to go up to the Washougal River with my floatie and some friends. There are a number of different swimming holes and small rapids to float and adventure.


If you are interested in volunteering for Kinship House, contact Bekka at 503-460-2796 and she will give you all the details.  For general information, check out our list of opportunities here.

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