Wish List Items

If you are interested in donating items to Kinship House, here is a list of things that we are seeking (see below) and here are links to some online wishlists we have created:

If you have other items, please contact Dennise at dennise.k@kinshiphouse.org.


The Runaway Bunny
Counting Kisses
Guess How Much I Love You
Words Are Not for Hurting
Hands Are Not for Hitting
The Way I Feel

Toys & Gifts
Craft making kits (Ages 8 to 14) Science kits (Ages 8 to 14)
Costume jewelry Gift cards (ex. Amazon.com, Itunes, Fred Meyers)
Legos Dolls
Dress up clothing Action figures
Board games
-playing card decks
-sequence (the board game)
-simple day planners (for disorganized kids!)
-plain legos (i.e. the kind you can build lots of stuff with, not movie promo ones) + lego people
-connector toys like k’nex or zoob
-stress balls/fidgets
-Building toys like Bionicle and Neoshifter
-stress balls/kooshes
-journals (for multiple ages and genders)- Currently popular dolls and Barbies
– Any toy that is currently popular (should be easy to find if they go in a store)
– Stuff for teens (we really need these kinds of things!)– i.e. trendy technology, beauty supplies (makeup, etc.) art stuff, sports gear, gift cards are great (Example: Target, Forever 21, H&M, Itunes, Amazon, probably department stores like Macy’s).
– Kits- like art/craft or science kits
– Bikes, different sizes, skateboards, and scooters might be good too
– Board gamesAmazon┬áhas a list of top 100 toys that provides a great list of great ideas!
– Hula hoops


Children’s coats
Small desk fans
Dish towels
Cleaning Rags
(5) Laptops for staff

Used iPhones (5 or later, with charger!) – to help us document client art and sand tray work and to be able to use photo and video in session for feedback.

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